Employee Benefits

As an employer - do you know how your company can benefit from adopting the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model for healthcare? Let's dive into the benefits, shall we?

1) The DPC Model Saves Money

For a low flat rate monthly fee per employee, DPC provides better access to appointments (no long waits) and extended appointment times. DPC creates a system that involves far fewer insurance claims, and makes it simpler for employers to navigate health benefits. Frequently, this can lead to lower-cost premiums or sharing in cost-savings.

2) Reduces Employee Time off Work

DPC enables employees to access convenient same-day or next-day in-office appointments. Virtual care / telemedicine options mean that employees can (in many cases) communicate with their physician through video conferencing, text, email, or phone. This reduces travel time and is highly beneficial to employees that have difficulty traveling or need regular contact with their doctor to manage a chronic condition.

3) Improved Productivity

Employees feel able to seek medical attention when needed due to no inhibition from copays or deductibles to meet. When healthcare is sought early, it prevents problems from worsening, enabling employees to stay in good health with the confidence that their medical needs are being met.

4) Recruitment & Retention Advantages

Since the DPC model lowers costs, it allows smaller businesses to provide healthcare benefits that they might otherwise not have afforded. The high-quality care that DPC provides to employees is a huge advantage and one that they will appreciate.

5) Promotes a Positive Healthcare Culture in the Workplace

DPC is a proactive form of healthcare that promotes a more positive doctor-patient relationship. Offering DPC shows your company's commitment to the optimal health and well-being of its employees.

Adopting a DPC healthcare model can not only save your business money but enhance your employee benefits. Are you interested in knowing more? Contact Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care today, and we help your business navigate health benefit options by providing membership-based healthcare.

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