Tips to Stay Healthy During the Summer

With summer in full swing and many of the health measures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic fading as more people get vaccinated, many are looking to get out and finally have some fun in the sun. This summer fun shouldn’t come at the expense of your health though, and as you may rush to make plans for a picnic, barbecue, hike, or other event you should keep these tips in mind.

Be active and stay cool

Staying active is key to health all year round and in the warm summer months, the cooler temperatures in the early morning and late evening are the perfect time to get a good sweat in without overheating yourself. If it’s just too hot to go out, look in to how much a membership at your local gym would cost or walk laps and climb stairs in your home. Drinking water is also key to staying cool – it’ll help your body produce sweat so you can cool down quicker – and hydration is always important, no matter the season or the weather. When exercising, be sure to wear lightweight active wear in light colors, that way it’s more breathable for your skin and the sweat on it to evaporate and it doesn’t absorb as much heat. Try and get the whole family involved and plan an active vacation!

Eat healthy

Like with exercise, eating healthy is important no matter the season or the weather. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy in season fruits like melons and berries, adding color and flavor to cookouts and picnics. However, you will want to limit sugars and add fiber to your summer diet. Keep in mind the warmer weather can spoil your food quicker than usual so be sure to keep it cool and prepare foods the day of your picnic or cookout so bacteria have less time to grow. Anything that’s been sitting out for over two hours, one hour if the temperature is over 90⁰, should be thrown out. To keep yourself hydrated, avoid drinking alcohol in excess and always ben sure to pair an alcoholic beverage with a water.

Stay safe out in the Sun

Skin cancer is at a heightened risk in the summer to keep your skin healthy, lather on the sunscreen, cover up with sunglasses that block at least 99% of UV light and a wide brimmed hat, seek out the shade, and avoid things like tanning beds and sunlamps.

You shouldn’t forget any of these tips when enjoying all Summer has to offer but you also shouldn’t forget to have fun! Have a blast and stay safe this Summer with these tips from Pinnacle!

At Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care, we approach health care from the patient’s point of view so we can provide you with excellent service and strong doctor-patient relationships. Contact us today and let the professionals at Pinnacle provide you with the care you deserve. 

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