Preparing for Allergy Season

How are you preparing for allergy season? There are some things that simply can’t be avoided - like going outside! Trees and plants are everywhere, and there’s no escaping the pollen that’s in the air. That’s why Pinnacle is here to help with a few tips to help you battle allergies this season.

Stock Up on Allergy Medicine

Visit your local pharmacy or grocery - or come visit our offices! - to get the allergy medicine you need. Intranasal corticosteroids and oral antihistamine pills are first-line treatments for allergy symptoms. One bottle may seem like enough, but when you’re having an allergy attack, you don’t want to open your only bottle and remember at that moment that you used the last of it two days ago.

Start Spring Cleaning Sooner

When you decide to finally go through and organize that back closet, remember that many items have been sitting there for long periods of time. They’ve collected layers of dust and pollen that are shuffled into the air when you start digging through them. If you start cleaning before allergy season really sets in, you can minimize the amount of allergens that builds up.

Track Pollen Count

There are more resources than ever before to track pollen counts in your local area. Watch the news, download an app, or go online to websites that offer daily updates for your area’s pollen levels. On days with high pollen counts, think about planning more indoor activities.

Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care Is Here to Help!

Visit us during allergy season. Pinnacle is proud to offer an alternative way to provide people with high-quality and affordable health care. By charging you a monthly fee directly and cutting out the middle-man of insurance companies, we’re able to provide you with better care when you need it. We’ll take the necessary time to get you feeling your best. Call Pinnacle today to get your treatment plan set for allergy season. 

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